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Please send invoices to:

Amelie G
800 Common St., Suite 220
New Orleans, LA 70112

Invoices should be made payable by NeverCease Publishing, LLC. Invoices must: be dated, describe the work performed, indicate the status of any deposit paid, identify the full legal name of the party to be paid, reflect the total amount due and the accepted methods of payment.

Standard Payment terms:

1. Invoices for personal services payable by American Express are paid within 90 days.
2. Invoices payable by Visa/Cash/Check will be paid within 90 days after the date the invoice was received and after the new vendor setup fee (if applicable) has been received. All new vendors that do not accept American Express are required to pay a $50 new vendor setup fee. All other forms of invoices must be pre-approved. It is the vendor’s responsibility to receive pre-approval.
3. All payments require invoices and completed W-9 forms if required by law.