What is Fashion & Design Law?

The Fashion & Design industries have a variety of characteristics that make them unique, and as a result, established law interacts with these industries in unique ways. In addition, there are a variety of common business situations in the fashion and design industries that place special emphasis on areas of law and legal strategy that are not prevalent in other industries.

Similar to many other industries, intellectual property is critical to the success of fashion and design industry ventures. But unlike some of the other major industries, “soft” intellectual property (copyright, trademark, trade secret, etc.) can form a major foundation of value. In addition, some of these areas of law have technical applications unique to the industry.

Many of the same legal issues are similar to other industries, however. For example, legal issues regarding employer-employee relationships, real estate contracts, sales contracts, endorsement agreements, labor disputes, and franchise agreements are all part and parcel of the business. In that sense, fashion and design law encompasses a broad array of issues. But, as you will notice from the blog, there are certainly nuances that can make important differences.

We intend to include any and all matters that arise in the industry, whether they be issues that arise because of the unique nature of the fashion and design industry or simply “standard” legal issues that happen to arise in the context of the industry.