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Rebecca Marshburn, Page 2

Prep School

Summer Dress Inspired by Socialites and Southern Decadents Whether you live above, below, or across the pond from the Mason-Dixon Line, every summer wardrobe can use a dash of southern decadence.  The classic categorization of the southern socialite style as “preppy” may, initially, deter some of us from seeking to ...read more

Fair Maidens

Cities around the globe are celebrating summertime with bazaars, fairs, and festivals designed to draw us out of our dwellings and into our communities to enjoy the season alongside our neighbors and friends. Whether it’s Chicago’s Lincoln Park Fest on July 23rd and 24th, Wickerman Music Festival on the 22nd ...read more

White Out

The Absence of Color Returns for the Season of Sun. White may denote the absence of color, but it makes its presence boldly known in this year’s summer collections.  From the catwalk to the sidewalk, breezy and breathable summer whites look cool amidst the heat of the season. While white ...read more

Perfect Plumage

  Bedford Falls Headwear Recalls the Roaring 20’s with Feathers and Fascinators The era of big bands and swinging speakeasies, long cigarettes and rye cocktails, and Fitzgerald’s green light transport us back to a bygone time—where nights were never ending, the music never stopped, and women were flirty, feminine, and, ...read more

Peace By Pieces

Peace By Pieces NOLA Designer Traci Claussen REpurposes Your Morning Latte By Rebecca Marshburn One medium Chai latte… A small black coffee to go… A double shot of espresso. So goes the morning conversation for the barista at your local PJ’s Coffee shop. That is, until the day entrepreneurial designer ...read more

Beauty and the Feast

Beauty and the Feast What Our Local Farmers Market Can Teach Us About Fashion By Rebecca Marshburn The concept is simple.  Fruits and vegetables farmed a few miles from your doorstep (rather than a few hundred) taste fresher, juicier, sweeter, tangier, and altogether more delicious.  We meander through the stalls ...read more